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Post  Mira on Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:19 am

What's in Your Natal Chart
March 1 2009 by Mira COSIC, astrologija.com
So, you stopped by and you would like to learn more about astrology and particularly, what's in your own, personal chart. Wonderful.
There is so many details in every chart, every personal journey is valuable, every individual is unique and every life path is full of interesting events and numerous amazing experiences, we could talk about it day and night.

You are here and now... You are not your life story even though your story, your achievements and your mistakes are saved somewhere in the memory of the Universe. Your astrological chart is like a book of your life, written by this amazing cosmic language.

Planets and the Zodiac are symbols that can say a lot about your karmic lessons, why you are here and why you are going through your current situation. How are you coping with it and what steps you're going to take, it's up to you, that is your dharma. Astrology chart however, can tell you about the right timing, when it's okay to take action, and when it's maybe better to wait. It can tell you if the person you love and you want to pursue a future relationship with can be a good match or you're going to have challenges - verbal misunderstandings, financial crisis, sexual issues or even power struggles. When is the good time to look for a new job, to buy a house or to move? You create your own destiny, but if you know yourself, and your inner nature, it is much easier to make correct decisions in life... right on time.

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