studying progressed charts, directed solar arcs, and transits

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studying progressed charts, directed solar arcs, and transits

Post  Lola on Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:23 pm

I want to ask you a favor. We are studying progressed charts, directed solar arcs, and transits in a class, but I am getting mixed messages.

They said that progressions, solar returns, and directed solar returns should be done for where you were born. Others say that they should be done for where I live now……..which is it? She is charting the transit for where I live now.

Since I have 22 critical degrees on the charts that they did…….using place of birth for progression and directed solar arc, I want to analyze my chart more carefully, but my intuition says that her charts are not correct.

I was born:

October 06, 1953
3:05 am
New Orleans, LA


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Re: studying progressed charts, directed solar arcs, and transits

Post  Mira on Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:34 am

Directions of solar arc are always done for the place of birth. The charts should be correct.

Secondary progressions are always done for the place of birth as well.

I have never done a chart where solar arc directions or secondary progressions considered a new place.

Place where you live now is only considered in SOLAR RETURN and LUNAR RETURN charts.

Even then, I work better with the place of birth charts.

Directed solar returns - I do not work with those at all. Solar return chart is much dependable of the exact minute of birth, so if directed this potential "error" might give mixed messages and incorrect readings.

I think most reliable are secondary progressions (of the natal chart) - day for a year
and solar arc direction (of the natal chart) - a degree for a year, or whatever the sun movement is.

My advice to you is not to lose yourself in so many details. Try to see the big picture, you will get so much more information from it. Even if you have your birth minute and second recorded, the question is is it the first breath or the cutting of the umbilical cord or the first cry or leaving the womb what needs to be recorded.

You don't have to worry about geographical seconds; degree and minute is fair enough. Any transit or aspect that you will have, you'll see, is never working when it's "exact", always a little earlier and a little later, but almost never hits the exact date. You may have an aspect in secondary progression chart that will be triggered by a Full Moon for example, and that does not even have to be exact to the minute or second, but close to the degree or two.

Aspects do not work in a "digital" manner, they are more like a "wave", or at least, both: waves and particles.

Again, your time of birth might be recorded in your birth certificate but one to four minutes plus / minus change up to 1 degree in ASC, please don't take it as 100.000% correct and don't worry about seconds in longitude.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



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